The concept behind Mappit was to make the system very intuitive, very user friendly, but put the emphasis back on the conversation, not on the system.

About us

At Mappit, we get how important it is for businesses of all sizes to have a motivated and engaged workforce. Our platform is built on this idea, making it easier for organisations to better connect with their employees and foster open communication. By replacing outdated people management processes with Mappit, HR professionals and people managers can enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, and optimise overall performance.

Our Story


Mappit was created by our founder, Annabel Rees, an expert in performance management and the CEO of the HR and Digital Marketing firm Businessary. Throughout her career, Annabel struggled to find a single system that ticked all the boxes in terms of customisation, branding, and flexibility. Most systems only offered partial solutions or were more focused on transactional HR functions rather than a strategic approach to people management and employee experience.

Frustrated by the lack of suitable options, Annabel decided to take matters into her own hands and create the ideal solution for the HR professional. The result was Mappit, a platform that improves the overall employee experience and strategic focus that other solutions were missing.

Why Mappit

We know that each business and organisation has unique needs and a diverse employee culture. That’s why Mappit allows companies to tailor their performance review process to provide a more engaging experience for employees. From custom questions to interface branding that reflects your organisation’s identity, Mappit offers personalisation that sets it apart.

Our platform is easy to use and highly customisable. Mappit uses an easy-to-follow visual “map” summarising employee assessments, making performance reviews a breeze. Additionally, our 360 Surveys gather feedback from various sources like managers, peers, direct reports, and customers, giving you a comprehensive understanding of employee performance.

Our Clients

The Focus and Future of Mappit

As we continue to grow and innovate, our focus remains on the ever-changing needs of businesses in today’s fast-paced work environment. We’re committed to offering solutions that simplify people management and help companies quickly assess, develop, and retain talent.

We’re also excited about exploring new assessment tools, like our proprietary mindset survey. This powerful tool gives businesses insights into their teams’ different mindsets, helping unlock untapped knowledge and skills. Mappit aims to help enterprises make informed decisions about employee development and create a culture of adaptability and growth.