What ARE engagement surveys anyway?

Many companies still see engagement surveys as something about the soft and fluffies, but the reality is very different. The formula is simple:

Engaged (i.e. happy) employees = Productive employees = Profitable businesses.

So, what ARE engagement surveys?

Engagement surveys are questionnaires used to measure employees’ engagement levels in their work and their workplace. They are conducted regularly, annually or every six months to track trends.

Engagement surveys will ask questions about a variety of topics, such as:

  • Role satisfaction
  • Commitment to the company
  • Motivation
  • Work-life balance
  • Relationships with managers and colleagues
  • Opportunities for growth and development

The results of engagement surveys can be used to identify areas where the company is doing well and areas where there is room for improvement. For example, suppose the survey results show that employees are feeling disengaged. In that case, the company can address the underlying issues, such as improving communication, providing more opportunities for feedback, or offering more development opportunities.
Enagagement Surveys Mappit Application
Engagement surveys are vital for any company or small to medium size business that wants to create a positive work environment and improve employee productivity. They can help companies identify and address potential problems early on or before they lead to more serious issues such as employee turnover.

Engagement surveys allow companies to discover what’s important to their people and plan initiatives around the sentiments of their people with data to back it up.

If you’re considering running an engagement survey, here’s some tips to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that the survey is anonymous and that your people know. This will encourage employees to be honest in their responses.
  • Keep the survey short and to the point. Employees are more likely to participate in a survey that is quick and easy to complete.
  • Ask specific questions that will provide you with actionable data.
  • Communicate the survey results to employees and let them know what steps you are taking to address the areas where there was constructive feedback or poor results. This is key, and if you don’t do anything with the results, your people will not participate in future surveys.

When considering the systems, you want to consider what is required to get it set up and running:

  1. Are your questions ready, or will you need a bank of questions?
  2. What level of detail do you want in the reporting?
  3. How will you expect your team to complete the survey?
  4. Will the system allow you to send invitations to personal or company email addresses?
  5. Will you be able to administer it yourself, or will you need external assistance?
  6. How quickly do you want the survey up and running?
  7. Will you focus on the conversations that come from the data, or do you want just data?

Ultimately, when your focus is on engagement, everyone is a winner!

At Mappit we create industry leading Performance Reviews, 360 Surveys, and Engagement Surveys to improve your people management and team performance.

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