Benefits of a Growth Mindset in Your Business

Adopting a business wide Growth Mindset means understanding that an organisation’s capacity to innovate and grow is not fixed, but rather it can be developed. From Belief to Evolution – Growth Mindset The idea of the growth mindset was brought into the spotlight by Dr. Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University. She uncovered the […]

What’s a 360° review, and why should I have one?

A 360° review (sometimes called multi-source feedback, multi-source assessment or multi-directional review) is a voluntary performance evaluation process designed to get feedback from an employee’s manager, peers, colleagues, direct reports, and other stakeholders, such as clients. The purpose of the 360° review is to allow everyone to understand their performance based on diverse perspectives and […]

What makes a good performance management conversation

Performance management, performance reviews or one-on-ones – whatever name you want to use- are all about the conversation. These conversations should be dual-sided rather than a monologue from the manager. They might be part of the formal performance review cycle or regular one-on-ones. When catching up with your people, you should focus on their performance, […]

What ARE engagement surveys anyway?

Many companies still see engagement surveys as something about the soft and fluffies, but the reality is very different. The formula is simple: Engaged (i.e. happy) employees = Productive employees = Profitable businesses. So, what ARE engagement surveys? Engagement surveys are questionnaires used to measure employees’ engagement levels in their work and their workplace. They […]